Giffard Piment D'Espelette Liqueur

Giffard Piment D'Espelette Liqueur

Giffard Piment D'Espelette Liqueur

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Originally from Central America, Espelette pepper is a variety of Capsicum annuum traditionally grown in the Basque Country. It is appreciated for its red fruits with a slender profile measuring up to 15 cm long.
Used to enhance dishes with its hot flavor of force 4 on the Scoville scale, Espelette pepper is dried beforehand for long storage. A non-hardy plant, its cultivation is very similar to that of the tomato. Similar to peppers, Espelette peppers are grown outdoors, or in pots kept warm during the winter.

In the Basque Country, the cultivation of Espelette peppers has developed in an exceptional natural environment that has been protected since the 17th century.

Chile liqueur made from the maceration of fresh whole Espelette peppers with a hint of Rhum agricole from Martinique. This results in a strong aromatic intensity with warm and spicy notes.

Degree : 40%
Country of Origin : France

Bright straw yellow, coppery gold hues.

Bold and herbaceous, fresh chili-pepper, freshly cut grass notes, with a gentle heat.

Dry flavor of chili. Smooth and warm sensation with a rising, persistent spiciness. Gourmet cocoa finish, caramelized and slightly musky aftertaste.
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