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Hibiki Blossom Harmony Limited Edition Japanese Whisky

Hibiki Blossom Harmony Limited Edition Japanese Whisky

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Once poured in the glass, the color is a pale straw color, very similar to the original Hibiki. The nose shines, inviting you in with a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, lavender, some cocoa, a nice hint of smoke, and pear coming in the very back. Overall, its very enticing.

On the palate the floral qualities take a back seat, with orange now coming out, cocoa and vanilla flavors, with a noticeable spice once the liquid hits your lips. A subtle hint of smoke dances around the tongue, with the floral aspects trailing along near the end. It feels a little tannic in the mouth, and just slightly too watery for what i would prefer.

Once swallowed the smokiness comes forth, cooling your tongue as you breathe in fresh air and with a rich taste of cocoa. It stays around a good long while, though does have a slight bitter taste. Overtime the flavors develop and the flowers come back out, wrapping up the whole experience.

By adding a finishing stage in casks made from one of Japan’s national flowers, Suntory brings the representation of the Sakura trees to whisky. Beautiful and layered on the nose, it invites you in to it’s bouquet, giving you a different experience but one that is welcome. The finish stays with you, leaving you wanting even more with each sip. The wood adds a beautiful elegance to the product, yet also reminds us of the beauty of what nature offers, and the many hours that the craftsmen poured into making such an excellent product.

Following the base recipe of blending malt and grain whiskies from Suntory’s Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita distilleries, and being aged in oak casks, the grain whiskies in the blend are then finished in Sakura (cherry blossom) casks. This wood is uniquely Japanese and infrequently used to age whiskies, as the wood source can quickly overwhelm a distillate, and requires careful monitoring of the process. Sakura have a lot of meaning to the Japanese, with people gathering to see them flower in early spring for over 1000 years. Death and the fleeting nature of life is represented in the short-lived flowers, which start dropping after only about two weeks; yet beauty is found as well, reminding us to live in the moment and to find the harmony that exists within everything around us.




Deep colour, almost opaque.


On the palate it has a powerful attack, with a lively acidity, firm and well present tannins, wild bush and red berry notes, with an extremely long finish and great concentration.


Aroma of excellent complexity, with wild bush and spicy notes like curry, pepper and ginger, red berries and black fruits mixed with a light cacao touch, the result of a good maturation, along with a slightly stony finish.

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Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to

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