Japanese Whiskey

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    When you sip a glass of Japanese whisky, you're setting off on a journey. It's like a trip to heaven—just one that's nuanced and refined, not too jarring or intense. You'll be able to taste the complex flavors and textures that build with each sip, leading up to a deep-rooted finish.

    Japanese whisky might not be brand new on the market, but it's making waves and taking over the globe. It's made in much the same way as scotch—by distilling malted and/or peated barley twice—and then aging it in barrels for an extended period of time.

    While some make use of traditional flavors like caramel and vanilla, Japanese whisky is known to push the envelope. Some incorporate unconventional flavors like basil, green apple, mint, kiwi… really anything goes! With all this diversity in flavor profiles, it's an exciting one to try.

    83 products
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